Deluxe Recirculating Flush Toilet

With its comfortable interior, lightweight but sturdy design, and its user-friendly functionality, this is the portable toilet of choice for any event.

It offers:

  • Maximum ventilation
  • Roomy interior
  • Anti-slip floor surface for improved safety
  • Occupancy signal latch
  • Two tissue rolls
  • Sanitary seat deck and floor design
  • Translucent roof for better lighting
  • Door mounted mirror and handle standard.

Chemical Toilet

VIP Deluxe Trailer Unit

Our VIP Deluxe Trailer units are the toilets of choice in the rental, film and events industries providing comfort and simplicity.

Each unit offers two spacious cubicles each containing:

  • A flushable toilet
  • Hand-wash basin
  • Soap, towel and toilet paper dispensers
  • A mirror
  • Lighting
  • Floors covered with top quality vinyl
  • Skirting to finish it off
  • Ideal for functions & events requiring a more luxury toilet.


3 Way Standing Urinal

Our standing urinal units alleviate demand on the conventional toilet units, enabling more cost effective sanitary solutions particularly at outdoor events:

  • 3 Station
  • Netted enclosure for privacy
  • 270 litre capacity
  • Easy Access

Toilets for the disabled

We offer toilets for the disabled that are designed for the comfort and convenience of individuals requiring special portable restroom facilities.

The units are spacious and includes a number of features making it ideal for gatherings such as weddings, parties and public events where one might find a mix of elderly and other individuals in need of special portable restroom accommodations.
They offer:

  • A sloping, anti-slip floor.
  • Spacious enough to admit a person in a wheelchair together with an attendant.
  • The seat height, combined with the side hand-rails, allows for easy movements from wheelchair to toilet.


  • Approximate height of seat = 47 cm
  • Internal dimensions: (L/D/H) 160 x 125 x 220 cm
  • External dimensions: (L/D/H)220 x 160 x 225 cm